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The Dainty Collection jewels are all designed sit right on your collar bone. The perfect piece to be worneveryday with ease.They are beautifully"dainty" on their own, or, layered with your other favourite necklaces sitting below them. They are the perfect stackable necklace.


Made from tiny natural gem stones. These crystal necklaces also feature plated 24ct gold findings.



COLOUR: Speckled whites, beiges, creams and earthy browns.

HISTORY: Picture Jasper was worn by sailors, it was thought to keep them safe and connect them with the land when at sea.

CRYSTAL MEANING: Picture Jasper powerful grounding stone that offers a deep connection to the earth. A direct messenger from Mother Earth herself, it instills a sense of proportion, brings comfort and alleviating fear. Picture Jasper is said to help us cultivating harmony in relationships with others and with ourselves.

HEADLESS NATION | Picture Jasper Dainty Eyes Necklace

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