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The stone of LOVE! Love is what we all need more of, and Rose Quartz is here to give it to us.


If you are being pulled to Rose Quartz its time to start giving yourself some love…

Rose Quartz emits STRONG vibrations of Love, and by using the stone to tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine the Rose Quartz properties will start to restore faith, compassion, harmony and balance in all matters of the Heart. It is said that the Greek God Cupid bestowed this crystal upon the earth as a gift of love, passion and happiness.


SHORT: 18.5cm
LONG: 21.5cm


Headless Nation is a unique and independent Australian brand, co-owned and operated by a creative duo in Avoca Beach, NSW. Every piece of jewellery is Designed and Handcrafted by the two of them. Their jewellery is made using Pure, Natural Stones, Crystals and Semi-Precious Gem Stones.

HEADLESS NATION | Rose Quartz & Gold Bracelet

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