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"The Daity Collection" features a range of extremely petite and 'dainty' necklaces.

Designed and hand-strung by Headless Nation in their home studio. 

The Dainty Collection hewells are all designed to sit right on your collar bone. The perfect piece to be worn everyday with ease. They are beautifully 'dainty' on their own, or, layered with your other favourite necklaces sitting below them. They are the perfect stackable necklace.


Made from tiny natural gem stones. These crystal necklaces also feature plated 24ct gold findings. 



MOOKAITE - Mookaite is a truely stunning stone with earthy hues of reds, yellows and purples. An incredibly soulful stone, it is said to heal stress and fear while simultaneously creating a deepening of your creativity and connection to self and source. 

Said to help with decision making, Mookaite is a powerful healing stone that links a person to the earths beneficial energies. This indigenous stone is also known as the Mother Earth Stone due to its healing capacities and connection to the earths energy. The red colours are said to represent the earth, and the yellows, the sun.


Mookaite is said to provide a sense of completeness through its powerful grownding energies. Mookaite is found in only one place on the entire planet, the Mooka Creek in Western Australia. The word 'Mooka' meaning running waters. This name was given to the stone because of the beautiful natural running waters at its place of origin. 


METAL - Plated 24ct Gld

LENGTH - 40cm


HEADLESS NATION | The Dainty Eyes Mookaite Necklace

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