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The Dainty Collection jewels are all designed sit right on your collar bone. The perfect piece to be worneveryday with ease.They arebeautifully"dainty" on their own, or, layered with your other favorite necklaces sitting below them. They are the perfect stackable necklace.


Made from tiny natural gem stones. These crystal necklaces also feature plated 24ct gold findings.



COLOUR: Pearly tones of cream and white.

HISTORY: The Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used Mother of pearl in at least 4200 B.C. Pieces have been found in pyramids and tombs of the ruling classes. 

CRYSTAL MEANING: Mother of Pearl brings the gentle healing power of the sea. It is often used in spiritual work to heighten intuition and stimulate imagination and adaptability. Mother of Pearl is said to bring the wearer soothing protection like that of a mothers. It is also known as a stress relieving stone, believed to bring relaxation and calm to your emotions by helping them become more harmonious and balanced.

Believed to attract prosperity and wealth to the wearer it, Mother of Pearl has many benefits and is a beautiful one to wear daily.

METAL:Plated 24ct Gold.

LENGTH: 40cm

HEADLESS NATION | The Dainty Eyes | Mother of Pearl Necklace

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