Our Handmade small batch organic candles, are made from Australian soft textured Stoneware Clay. Each piece is cut, shaped and hand formed within our studio. 

Each candle is finished with our handpicked and dehydrated oranges from our property. Each candle has essential citrus oil, and is created to have a soft enjoyable scent which is not overpowering. 


The surface of each piece is hand-brushed with a non toxic glaze, in a variety of soft earth colours and clay bodies.  Our ceramics are fired to a high temperate making each piece strong and durable.

we use high grade soy wax, sustainable wood wicks and essentials oils to ensure our candles are enjoyed with a soft natural scent. 


All of our ceramics are handmade in our Sunshine Coast studio, from Australian Clay Bodies.

The earth bowl vessel is designed to be used after your candle is finished, wash away the soy wax with warm soapy water throughly. 



(please note: each piece is hand-cut and will vary slightly in shape and size)

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