Our Handmade shell round trinkets, are made from Australian soft textured Stoneware Clay. Each piece is cut, shaped and hand formed within The Clay Society's studio, pressed with a shell detail.


The surface of each piece is hand painted non toxic glazes in tones of earthy colours. Our ceramics are fired to a high temperate making each piece strong and durable. All of our ceramics are handmade in The Clay Society’s Sunshine Coast studio, from Australian Clay Bodies.



Please note: each piece is hand-cut and will vary slightly in shape and size


Caring for your candle and ceramics:

All our ceramics are handmade in the Sunshine Coast studio, Australia. Variations and irregularities may occur in size, shape, colour & glaze, making each piece unique and one- of -a-kind, and tells the story of the hands that created it. We recommend hand washing our products.

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