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Welcome to Dreamland


Dreamland is the perfect incense to end your day and create a  "wind down mood” . Matched perfectly with with our Gentle Habits sound studio playlist to give you a full sensory experience

Dreamland incense is made with the blend of two essential oils - the calming and soothing scent of lavender (known for its sleep-promoting and calming properties) and Ylang Ylang.

The pop purple box has inspired our playlist featuring chill synth dreamy way to end your day.

Ignite + Burn, drop in while we take you to Dreamland…..

Our Incense is

• Hand dipped and packed in Victoria Australia

• Unique in scent and emotive to that place or ritual our Founder Sophie has developed.

• Long lasting, yet not overpowering that won't give you a headache 

• Made with 100% essential oils

• 60 sticks - approx 30 hours


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